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Awards and recognition

2016 SME Northants Business Awards

2016 FSB Runner Up Employee of the Year Award

001's Sunny de Bourg accepting her FSB 2016 award for Runner Up Employee of the Year

FSB 2016 Employee of the Year Runner Up

2015 FSB Hertfordshire Business Award Winner

"The FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards, a sought after accolade of achievement, an endorsement of your hardwork, determination and enterprise in business. Winning an award that recognises your business offers exceptional marketing and PR opportunities as well as increasing your credibility and standing in the eyes of your peers and your customers. Of course, it feels pretty wonderful too!" - Hertfordshire Awards

How right they are! 001 LTD won the FSB St Albans Business Awards for 2015. We are delighted with this achievement and appreciate how much our team, partners and customers have done to help us.

FSB 2015 Winner
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