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Large Energy Consumer

Energy is a major operational expense for most large businesses. Instead of just trying to find a cheaper rate, 001 will work closely with you to find out exactly what you should be paying by performing a risk assessment. We will find out if you're getting the most efficient kilowatt per hour rate, understanding your energy use against your budget as well as a full historic audit and bill validation.

As a lead energy specialist, we are no stranger to working with businesses who have multiple sites. We will help you reduce total energy costs by providing insightful reports and analysis of energy consumption for all your sites. We capture your meter reads on a monthly or quarterly basis for both half-hourly and non-half hourly reads to provide you with an accurate view of consumption trends and provide you with opportunities to identify energy savings.

According to a survey by Ofgem, more than 60% of businesses value the help they get from their energy consultant. By working with us, we can help you to take control of your energy costs and improve your energy consumption. This will help your businesses cut costs, reduce risk and grow.

Many large organisations have trouble with large scale energy efficiency, especially when there are multiple premises. The projects are notoriously complex to start and remain tricky to manage, taking both time and resources.

It's not easy to predict the future. Therefore it's not easy to predict how much energy you will require and how much you can save, but by working with us, we're confident that after our initial reviews and audits we will be able to show you where your business can save money and how we can keep you saving money on your energy for the future. We're transparent and we are we not biased. As such, we show you how we arrive at our conclusions guaranteeing the best deal in the market.

Our outsourced and risk-transferred integrated energy solutions have helped us to save over £21m to date, and this number just keeps growing. By switching to 001 you will enjoy a long term relationship where we will not only ensure you start on the best deal but remain on it.

  • Energy improvement - We will help identify potential inefficient energy processes across your entire organisation with aims of fixing or improving them.
  • Long term savings - We don't just find a cheaper contract, we're with you all the way, saving you money over the years.
  • Risk reduction - Our fully outsourced and risk-transferred solution will be based upon the results of our audits and analysis consumption reports, coupled with our expertise of the market.

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