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Managing Your Energy Costs

Since energy is a major operational expense, it's important to know where and how you are using your energy. Buying energy isn't just a matter of paying a bill. When we have performed our detailed audits on past clients, we have found that over 70% were on the wrong tariff! You can continue to save by optimising your energy costs.

  • Are you performing against budget and expectations?
  • Are you exposed to market risk with your current provider/tariff?
  • Is your bill accurate? Is your bill too high?

Trying to understand how much you use and when is vital. 001 have over 18 years of experience and we can analyse all your businesses to see the bigger picture. Of course it may be the case that your business may benefit from multiple contracts, even from different suppliers. 001 will perform an on-site or over the phone audit to understand if you are operating as efficiently as possible. To understand your energy usage against the business energy needs and to understand when you need to use energy to see if you can take advantage of lower cost times.

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