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Voltage optimisation

If you do not already have voltage optimisation (VO) then it is very likely your site(s) are being supplied with electricity at a higher level of voltage than you need. This is not only expensive for you but it can also reduce the lifespan of your equipment and have a greater carbon emission footprint.

You could save up to 25%.

001 will carefully analyse the voltage usage to see whether you need a voltage optimisation unit. Then the unit is created bespoke for that level of consumption and voltage level. And with over 18 years experience, we can be confident that the unit will be set up correctly.

When faced with increasing energy prices and environmental considerations, voltage optimisation is a viable option with a significant saving to your business's monetary and carbon footprint. Many organisations are now incorporating voltage optimisation into their Energy and Environmental Policies.

Some typical areas where customers make savings

  • Food sector - Businesses such as restaurants, cafĂ©'s, pubs and hotels can make savings on kitchen appliances and accommodation areas.

  • Retail sector - Saving money on equipment like lighting, heating, ventilation, chillers and front of house equipment.

  • Offices - Savings can be made on IT equipment through to air conditioning.

  • Healthcare sector - Dentists, GP's and veterinary surgeries can make savings on equipment, tools, lighting, heating and ventilation.

  • Care homes - Save electricity consumption on chillers, heating and ventilation.

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